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  Wild life Preserve | Animals

 Paradise Village Beach Resort Nuevo Vallarta is as much a heaven for its exotic menagerie of creatures as it is for human guests. As you wander through the lush hotel grounds, you’ll quickly discover a variety of free-roaming birds and animals, as well as a wild life sanctuary to preserve and rehabilitate several rare and endangered species that cannot be returned to the wild. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to appreciate these magnificent animals close up. Pass the time away with a free-roaming Ostrich on his morning stroll with his trainer. Chat with the monkeys or marvel at the Bengal tigers, complete with cuddly cubs. You'll also meet an alligator, deer, pet raccoons and exotically colored Man of War parrots. Because the way we see it at Paradise Village, paradise was created for us all.




   Wild life Preserve | Care

The animals at Paradise Village are under the full-time care of a licensed veterinarian, who not only has been highly successful in nursing many of the animals back to health, but also has been responsible for the rare breeding of our Bengal tigers. With only 7,000 wild tigers left in the world, Paradise Village is extremely proud to have fostered the breeding of three litters of tiger cubs, representing 11 tiger kittens in all. Paradise Village wants to do its part to preserve this magnificent animal


  Bengal Tigers Program

In 1996, we received the first male Bengal tiger. It was a rescued animal given to us from the Mexican government for its care. We built the animal facilities, based on the required specifications, introduced a female Bengal tiger, and never thought we would achieve the results of today’s Bengal tigers program. We have donated the baby Bengal tigers to different zoos in Mexico, Latin America, and the United States. Our goal is to give you and future generations the opportunity to observe and learn from this magnificent feline that is still on the list of endangered species. Currently a full-time veterinarian is responsible to clean and feed the Bengal tigers. Half a ton of meat is part of the monthly tiger’s food and every 6 months a complete physical examination is given to check their health.

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